Week 1: Chinese Ink Painting

Details TBA

Week 2: Oil Painting Workshop

Details TBA

Week 3: Safety Blanket: Performance & Knitting Workshop (run by Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Collective)

Thursday 6th Feburary, 12-4pm, @ Gilese Badun Theater, Wadham College

Week 4: Valentines Portrait "Speed-Dating"

Details TBA

Week 5: 'SEX NOW: Glass in Contemporary Gay Cruising Culture' by Thomas Roughan

Thursday 20th Feburary, 6.15pm, @Gillese Badun Theatre, Wadham

Week 5: Mini-canvas Painting

Details TBA

Week 6: Pitt Rivers Museum Sketching Visit

Sunday 1st March, afternoon @Pitt Rivers Museum

Week 7: 'I GOT FIRED FROM THE TATE: How biopolitics intersects with neoliberalism and public spaces' by Roisin Sullivan

Thursday 5th March, 3.45pm, @ Moser Theatre, Wadham

Week 8: Chemical Drawing Workshop (run by professional artist)

Wednesday 11th March, Time and Location TBA